As qualified refrigeration mechanics we are highly trained and experienced in repairing, servicing and upgrading all kinds of Air Conditioning and refrigeration. Beside that, we also provide service and repair guarantee.

Why We do what we do
We love the feeling we get when we have left our clients a little bit happier and more comfortable, we know that we have made their lives better, healthier and saved them money through better energy efficiency and their system will work when they need it the most.
About the Owner

Aircon services was established by Warren Cardiff in 2017, Warren entered the workforce in 1986 as an apprentice refrigeration mechanic for his father’s company, Cardiff’s Refrigeration in the Lockyer Valley. Working up through the ranks as an installer, service technician, project manager and then estimator, the work consisted of the repair, design, manufacture and installation residential, commercial, industrial air conditioning and refrigeration. He moved on from the family business to gain experience in supermarket refrigeration and larger air conditioning systems. He then then took on a sales and design position for Topbrite, a leading duct and air diffusion company at the time after that he Started Refresh Air Conditioning in 1999.  Warren has fulfilled various roles within the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry for over 25 Years, this has provided him with a massive amount of experience as well as some valuable life lessons. Recognizing that most air conditioning system issues arise from poor installation practices and lack of maintenance, he is now dedicated to providing high quality and competitive air conditioning maintenance and repair services to residential, commercial and industrial customers within the greater Brisbane area.  




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